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An Excellent Example of Being Human | Leadership | Wealth | Impact with Tory Dube

Dec 12, 2018

Nick Duska is a Career and Lifestyle Development Coach for those who want to spend more time on what matters to them most. Nick specializes in career development for those wanting a new career, more purpose-filled work, or a lifestyle that compliments their ideal work-life balance. Nick’s approach is deep, holistic, and individualized - considering the whole picture and what is needed to create sustainable results moving forward.

Nick is a big supporter of providing people with the tools to self-manage and create long lasting fulfillment, not only through one-on-one coaching, but also through projects like the Right After Breakfast podcast. The podcast is a place to get inspired and further your knowledge in the areas of human potential and improvement. Nick brings you stories, lessons, and tips through interviews; as well as questions from listeners. Episodes are released weekly, giving you bite-sized tools that can be used immediately to assist you in your life.

Highlights of our conversation:

2:42 - Who is this podcast for?

6:08 - Getting to know Nick

11:20 - How to embrace who we are

13:45 - The secret to all of self-help and self-actualization

16:28 - The four parts of Ikigai

19:13 - Digging deeper on the four parts

26:57 - You should be paying attention to these feelings and truths

34:28 - Bringing money into the conversation

40:48 - "The knowledge of knowing is so powerful." Or the story of the pool noodle.

46:37 - What happens after you know your purpose? Am I set for life?

52:11 - Nick answers the jar of LOLs


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