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An Excellent Example of Being Human | Leadership | Wealth | Impact with Tory Dube

Apr 9, 2019

Between her 14-season run as a co-host on VH1 and her acclaimed starring role in a Broadway national tour, Jen Gottlieb is no stranger to the stage. Now, she’s teaching others how to become the star of their own show.


Jen collaborates with life and business partner Chris Winfield to deliver Unfair Advantage Live, a 3 day live event in New York City that gives ambitious entrepreneurs an all-access pass to the couple’s extensive circle of media contacts.


Jen, herself has used the media to build a multi 6 figure coaching business in the health and wellness space. She has been featured on CBS News, PBS’s Life and Living, Good Morning Washington, Bold TV and The American Dream. You can also find her in publications like Shape, Self, Women's Health, Well + Good and Thrillist just to name a few.


Drawing on her vast media network and her background in television, Jen now helps her aspiring business leader clients make the connections they need to go from FOMO to famous — fast, landing them spots on Entrepreneur, ABC, NBC, Inc Magazine, US News & World Report,  Forbes, Fortune and hundreds of other media outlets.


Highlights of our conversation:

2:44 - Jen's progress since episode #1 (and the importance of mindset in PR)

6:28 - The secrets to making money

8:00 - Upgrading to the next version of you

12:08 - Getting your business in front of the world

14:39 - Social media celebrity vs. true expertise

17:21 - The shortcut for success

21:11 - Guidance for those with zero connections

27:26 - The exercise to get you started today connecting

36:00 - Another unfair advantage

38:08 - Attend Unfair Advantage Live (with Tory!) and the importance of saying yes

43:51 - You can't connect the dots looking forward, only backwards


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Interview: Jen Gottlieb

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Podcast edited and mixed by Andrew Geary - spelledgeary [at] gmail [dot] com