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An Excellent Example of Being Human | Leadership | Wealth | Impact with Tory Dube

Jan 24, 2018

Jennifer Leah Gottlieb, a New York City fitness and lifestyle transformation expert, & owner of JLG Fitness. Over the past decade, Jennifer has helped men and women of all ages, backgrounds and sizes take on their biggest physical and mental challenges, from losing hundreds of pounds to learning how to make fitness a fun and integrated lifestyle choice. 

As you’ll learn in this interview, Jen is so much more than an elite trainer.

We dig deep on...

• how she used to make out with her hand to manifest a boyfriend— I'm totally kidding, but what she did do wasn’t much different.

• How she overcame her disordered eating and how you too can implement the same process to overcome an obstacle you’re dealing with.

• How she turned her breakdowns into moments of clarity and success, and how you can too.

... and loads more. 

To learn more about Jen & to join her epic monthly Shift List, visit her website at