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Feb 12, 2019

In December 2010, Christine Egan’s dog walked on top of her while she was laying on the couch, something she had never done before, and started pawing at Christine’s left breast. She felt a lump - and was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks later.

As a certified health coach, Christine was baffled - how could she have cancer? 33 radiation treatments later, Christine is in remission, running insane races (tell you more in the episode), helping women all over the country heal from the invisible scars that cancer leaves behind and teaching them to piece their lives back together.

Christine regularly appears on News12 to share her healthy living hacks, has appeared on national news, as well as various print magazines including Yoga Journal, Better Homes & Gardens and Live Happy Magazine. She has hosted breast cancer awareness events for major running brands, Saucony and New Balance, and is a model and brand ambassador for AnaOno, the first company to design lingerie specifically for those affected by breast cancer.

Christine lives on Long Island, NY with her husband and three children. She’s the author of The Healthy Girl’s Guide to Breast Cancer, and I can’t wait for you to meet this ray of sunshine.


Highlights of our conversation:

1:52 - Getting to know Christine

3:27 - Christine's mission in life becomes her call for survival

5:09 - Should I ever consider modern medical treatments? If so, when and how?

6:29 - On the other side of cancer

9:20 - The missing component for living a healthy life

11:48 - The question you must ask yourself to be healthy

12:44 - What does pleasure have to do with health?

16:08 - I’ve been diagnosed? What happens next?

17:51 - How to be the support system your loved ones need

18:44 - The insane choice Christine made at 50

24:36 - The dangers of all or nothing

27:42 - What will it take for you to do this?

30:02 - Christine answers the jar of LOLZ


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Interview: Christine Egan

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