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An Excellent Example of Being Human | Leadership | Wealth | Impact with Tory Dube

Jul 16, 2019

After Monique Benebou’s debut on Season 2 of The Voice, and many years in the pop music industry, she decided to shift her focus from the mainstream, to her own unique path of conscious music creation and healing arts.


At first unsupported by most, she knew she had to sacrifice the safety and security of the path most taken to truly find fulfillment in her individual purpose and unique gifts. What this meant was a journey from the head to the heart, through uncertainty, discomfort, and surrender, in order to serve a higher cause and fulfill her soul’s calling.


Now, as a pioneer and leader within the conscious music movement, Monique has earned international recognition for her songwriting abilities and performance. 


In addition, to her artistic offerings, she facilitates powerful workshops, coaching courses and one-on-one mentorships, supporting throat chakra and personal truth activations, artist development and masterful storytelling processes. Monique focuses on the power of language, frequency and teaches individualized creation methods, to bring out the unique essence within each artist.


Stay to the end for a very special gift offered by Monique to our audience. May you be as moved by this incredible human being as I am… 


Highlights of our conversation:

2:23 - Getting to know Monique

4:45 - What Monique would love to hear people say about her

6:40 - The lessons Monique learned when singing before 100 million people

9:34 - How Monique stays true to herself

12:56 - Inspiring others by sharing her successes and struggles

14:18 - Monique's musical journey

20:17 - Making music on her own terms

21:51 - Monique sings acapella and shares a poem

30:11 - Prioritizing self to achieve alignment

34:27 - Finding the balance between introversion and extroversion as a performer

37:31 - How Monique relies on self-trust and instinct

39:16 - Getting connected to Monique’s world


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