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An Excellent Example of Being Human | Leadership | Wealth | Impact with Tory Dube

Jul 30, 2019

Today’s guest is one of my favorite examples of a saying I have: May your work transcend your title. May your character transcend your work. In other words, I love this person to pieces and she’s one of my closest friends because she’s the real deal.


Kari Keating is a business and growth coach, podcast host, speaker, and mom to 3 boys. She had a 17-year career in corporate America where she cultivated skills in the areas of business strategy, sales and storytelling, working for companies such as Nike, Quiksilver, lululemon and other major retailers. After she had her second baby, she became an accidental entrepreneur when she started using health and wellness products that she loved and launched herself into the network marketing industry. 


While managing her growing network marketing business and motherhood, she found herself struggling to find clarity in the chaos and hired her first business coach. It was in that interaction that she realized that all the business acumen she had developed over the years could be used to help other entrepreneurs, just like her coach was helping her, launch, grow, and scale her business. 


Kari has since worked with clients ranging from network marketers, coaches, photographers, recording artists, and many more - but is MOST passionate about working with entrepreneurs who want to create a business and brand that lasts. She loves helping women step into their purpose, ignite their passion and truly expand into the women they are called to be.


Highlights of our conversation:

3:21 - What would your best friends be saying behind your back? 

6:01 - Each couple’s journey is incredibly hard

9:30 - How Kari has used personal growth to deepen her relationship with her partner

11:25 - Is my partner growing fast enough to keep up with me?

15:35 - Preparing your life for the inevitable hard times

16:26 - Getting Kari and her husband ready for Tony Robbins

20:49 - Harnessing your feminine energy 

29:31 - Helping clients find balance between their masculine and feminine energies

37:28 - Staying grounded during a difficult stage of life

39:28 - Keeping your driving forces balanced 

41:32 - Designing the life you want

43:05 - Connecting with Kari and her ideal client

45:28 - Kari’s approach to business coaching 


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Interview: Kari Keating

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