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An Excellent Example of Being Human | Leadership | Wealth | Impact with Tory Dube

Sep 26, 2018

Catie Fenn is a coach, soul guide, entrepreneur, and lawyer who helps others become the most vibrant versions of themselves and gain the confidence to live life on their own terms by connecting with their soul’s wisdom. She leads heart-opening, transformational retreats in Toronto, Muskoka, Costa Rica, and Bali. She also leads the goddess circle - an elevated experience for women to support one another and rise into their fullest potential.

Grounded in her experience as a litigation lawyer, she helps bring ancient and new age wisdom to modern society by encouraging to find balance, clarity, and fulfillment by connecting with their soul. She speaks on redefining success in the modern era, radical self-love, and feminine leadership.


This episode is for you if:

You’re impatiently rushing into the next phase of your life

You’re traditionally a perfectionist-doer but looking to soften and listen more

You’re ready to acknowledge and step into your soul’s path


Highlights of our conversation

1:50 - Getting to know Catie

4:45 - Catie leaves a job she loves

6:53 - The power of meditation and how to get started

9:00 - Finding your soul’s process and balancing your masculine and feminine energies

13:11 - How to stand in your feminine power in a masculine world

18:24 - Learning about Catie’s new soul path

19:37 - Reigniting your internal life and accessing your soul’s journey

22:38 - Your mind doesn't know shit

26:57 - Catie's daily rituals

28:25 - Catie's evolution from guy's girl to girl's girl

31:08 - Reflection exercises for the fall equinox and moon cycles

38:13 - The potency of a retreat experience

42:19 - Catie answers the jar of LOLs


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Interview: Catie Fenn

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