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An Excellent Example of Being Human | Leadership | Wealth | Impact with Tory Dube

Jun 26, 2019

Erin Titensor is a Dallas Mom of two small boys that wanted a real connection with other moms. She started her Instagram @secretlivesofmoms and immediately received positive feedback and comments from moms that were grateful for her frank look into their daily life and struggles. She gives a genuine and truthful look at mom life. She tackles difficult subjects like depression and anxiety and real-life problems. Through her Instagram, she has made a deep connection with many of her followers. 


After seeing the amazing growth from her Instagram account, she decided to diversify her business and entered the online store business in May 2018. At the time she started considering ideas for a second business she didn't even know what e-commerce was! Since then she has built an incredibly successful online business called Simple and Blush. She uses influencer marketing exclusively and is the perfect example of how using e-commerce can help an influencer build a business that can have multiple income sources.


This conversation will leave you bursting out in laughter and tears. One of my editor’s favorite conversations (and he listens to a ton!), Erin offers wisdom on motherhood, business, overcoming adversity - this has it all. A truly powerful conversation on some serious topics that should be discussed as openly and bravely as Erin is willing to go. Big love to her. And a classic poop story.


Told you it had it all.


Highlights of our conversation:

2:34 - Tory and Erin compare sports-celebrity fathers & dropping out of school

6:24 - Erin's journey from depression through suicide to starting a family

10:07 - Erin realizes a major mistake about motherhood

12:46 - Erin's postpartum symptoms manifest differently for child #2

14:06 - "I don't love being a mom all the time."

17:13 - Erin's mom teaches her e-commerce

18:59 - How Simple and Blush helps moms

21:46 - How Erin went from idea to product to successful business

24:48 - The power of Instagram influencers (and the secret to finding the REAL influencers)

31:25 - Life with Erin's partner, being a mom, and a business owner

34:04 - Getting help if your partner doesn't get it

37:23 - The first step if you're in the motherhood doldrums

40:47 - Erin's two transformative moments (one Erin talks about publicly for the first time)

48:52 - Erin's invitations for you


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Interview: Erin Titensor

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