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An Excellent Example of Being Human | Leadership | Wealth | Impact with Tory Dube

Aug 21, 2018

Lia Kinn is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coaching specialist. She created “Lean like Lia,” an online training program that helps women lose weight by tracking macros and utilizing 30 minute at-home workouts. She teaches busy women to love their diet and manage simple exercise for maximum results. Having lost 45 pounds herself by eating dessert every day and never having set foot in a gym - then building a six-figure business teaching hundreds of women to do the same - I can say that Lia knows her stuff.


This episode is for you if:

  • You've ever struggled with loving, even liking your body
  • You’re ready to ditch the excuses and the distraction of obsessing about food
  • You want to know how to change your thinking to create the life of your dreams


Highlights of our conversation

  • 5:25 - How Lia found her business through changing her life
  • 8:19 - The root of personal transformation
  • 10:48 - Bridging the gap from “I hate my body” to “I love my body”
  • 12:50 - Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • 15:22 - How do you discern between limiting beliefs and intuition?
  • 18:53 - Why Lia accepts B- work
  • 20:12 - Lia wears shorts for the first time
  • 23:43 - Six figures in year one and how to scale your business
  • 29:20 - Comparison-itus, the thief of joy
  • 33:10 - Lia answers the jar of LOLs


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Podcast edited and mixed by Andrew Geary -