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An Excellent Example of Being Human | Leadership | Wealth | Impact with Tory Dube

Oct 2, 2018

Chas Allen is a motivational speaker, writer, and coach, but in 2004 his name made international news for a much different reason. Along with three other friends, 19-year-old Chas Allen was sentenced to seven years in federal prison for attempting to steal $12 million worth of rare books from Transylvania University in Kentucky.

Chas has now dedicated his life to guiding others to embrace their story and acknowledge that within every moment we can turn our lives around.

This episode is for you if:

  • You’ve been through something challenging and you’re unsure how to move through it
  • You’re plagued by an old version of you, unable to let your past go
  • You’re in need of positive direction and purpose in your life


Highlights of our conversation

1:15 - Tory discovers Chas’ movie

3:20 - The book heist in Chas’ own words

5:41 - Was the movie accurate?

6:38 - Why did Chas go ahead with the heist?

8:30 - Chas’ first days in prison

11:30 - “The most true expression of evil I’ve ever seen.”

13:08 - Do you have to live to a higher standard when you make a big mistake?

16:00 - Would Chas go back and change the past?

16:50 - Can we make amends for the hurt we cause?

17:55 - How did Chas decide to turn prison into a positive?

19:45 - Chas spends time in the hole

22:58 - The primary lesson for living in prison (and the world)

27:36 - The most powerful resource in our toolkit

29:54 - The #1 insight you should take from this podcast

31:35 - How do you get past your shame and embarrassment?

32:51 - Does punishment solve anything?

35:48 - Chas leads us in an exercise

39:05 - Chas answers the jar of LOLs


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Interview: Chas Allen

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